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A bit of something different, though folks who have followed me a while back may recognize some of these characters. They've always had a story to them, one which I've wanted to work on since pretty much the start of it all. And even with this tremor wargle, I realize more and more I still want to work on it.

It's not going to be the same as DMFA's done, I already know that. And really right now I'm still processing a lot of old script cringe because some of this stuff I hadn't touched on since late 2000's so HOOBOY have I learned so much more about the world in 10 years boy howdy!

In comic stuff, just about got the next update sketched up. Finally figured out the trickery of the tablet so gonna be starting on some practice with that this week. (fingies crossed) And if anything, been having a nice time just sketching and enjoying the sketching. As I mentioned, there's a few chars I haven't drawn in years. Some were like riding a bike. Some were like falling off a bike down a gravel hill.

Good times!

- Ambaaargh

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