And the dream never was associated with positive emotions again.

Current Progress: DELAYED

Next Comic ETA: Wednesday (November 30th)

(Current Stream Plan: (Tuesday November 29th, 7PM EST).)

I sure am a delusional fool.

Essentially, my other job is going through a big crunch because the weather dropped REAL fast and about a month earlier than expected. Said job involves cleaning eaves of leaves. So the past week (and upcoming week) has been a montage of rolling out of bed, spending 4-6 hours going up and down ladders removing frozen leaf slush, and then going home to snorf a food and die.

I've just been really tired with no energy to draw this week.

The crunch time is set to end this upcoming week, that or my arms are going to boop off like a cheap action figure. Either way there will be pictures!

- Ambaaargh

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