Somehow it does work. Trust me.

Man...that feeling I'm forgetting something is still there. Lesse...all things considered my spring has been fairly uneventful which is nice in its own way. Expecting the summer slump to begin. (for those who wonder, usually the summer months and christmas are two of the lowest traffic times for webcomics. Most likely due to it being vacation season and thus folks are less likely to keep up with comics and such.) But really it doesn't phase me much. I just keep chugging along like a doofy little engine that can.

That said, I hope everyone has been having a good year so far. It seems to have its ups and downs but overall I'm hoping its at least a little better for most that what 2014 seemed to be for the majority of people.

As for is going alright. The rabbit is a pudgester, the husband is a husbean. All in all I'm curious to see how our new place holds up in the summer months as this will be our first summer at the new place since our move in November. Good times.

Aaaand because I keep forgetting to make a to the Katbox version of the site. We're still working on's just that fun behind the scenes stuff working on stuff. Good times.

- Ambaaargh

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