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Figured I'd give a heads up of how things are going! Trying to not leave folks in the dark too much so here's some updeets!

The doc appointment went well enough, it was mainly getting referrals to a neurologist and for an MRI brain selfie. Got a few exercises to work on in the meantime, but now it's just kind of a waiting game.

I then admittedly spent most of the week in a feeling sorry for myself pity party so didn't accomplish much. Overall though, I'm feeling far better and more optimistic than I did during the last post. Enough so that I'm feeling confident I can squeak the next update out for Wednesday.

From there it's still a bit in the air. I've been going through my various options and trying to figure out which one feels like it'll work out best in the long scheme of things. But I'm hoping to be back into some semi-regular updates again come sometime April.

For now thought, just trying to take it easy and focus on not pushing too hard until I have a more clear idea of what is going on. Thank you everyone who has sent in some kind words and support. I appreciate you all so much, and I look forward to getting back to telling this doofy story to you.

- Ambaaargh

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