Name: Abel

Nicknames: "Cookies and Cream"

Age: 399

Status: Single

Family: Unknown

Species: Feline incubus

Hobbies: Magic, Fashion, Reading

Hair Colour: Cream with brown highlights/black spots

Eye Colour: Green (right), Blue (left)

Often Seen: Causing trouble

Most known for: Instigating the library incident at SAIA

Favorite Food: Roast Duck/Confusion

Favorite Colour: Green

First Appearance: Comic #424


Personality: Abel is a talented and intelligent Cubi...which is about as far as anyone bothers to get to know him. His general disposition and tendency to cause unhappiness to those around him often leaves him alone to his own devices. Despite his anti-social behavior, he was considered to be one of the top students at SAIA...though if this was due to his skills or Fa'Lina playing favorites is rumoured. For the most part, Abel seems to prefer being alone and will often pull grand pranks and mindgames in order to keep others at a distance. However, it seems Abel lacks any real malice behind his actions and some would likely say that the majority of his actions are done out of fear and desparation. Though not to his face...cause he'd likely knee them in the groin.

History: Not much is known of Abel's life outside of the Academy, though his times in the Academy had often either been of him achieving high academic standings or epic disasters. It is known that Abel belongs to a now more or less extinct clan in that the surviving members are too fragmented and scattered to be an actual considered clan anymore. It is also known that he is more or less considered adopted by Fa'Lina herself and while he doesn't show it, she is one of the few Cubi he actually respects and cares about. At the current time, he has been assigned to watch over Dan and teach him the most basic of Cubi knowledge until Dan is ready to enroll in the Academy himself. Neither Abel or Dan seem pleased at this. Side note: Abel's past is currently being done in a comic located HERE.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Abel has a severe dislike of Cubi who use their abilities to assume complete alternate identies.
While able to absorb emotions easily, Abel is one of the few Cubi who still regularly eats normal food.
The brown tips of Abel's hair is a natural thing. If he cuts his hair, the ends will automatically turn brown.
Abel has a natural skill at picking up thoughts. This has been known to cause him headaches when in a crowd.
Abel has been banned from the SAIA Library.

Abel's Quote: I'm flattered you used both your brain cells to try to come up with that response...

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