Name: Amber M. Panyko

Nicknames: Amber, Amber Gee

Age: 25

Status: Ebil (So evil it's misspelled!)

Family: None in the comic (save for mom cameos)

Species: Human

Hobbies: Drawing, Video Games, Ranting

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Often Seen: Being insane

Most known for: Making a moron of herself

Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings/Swedish Fish

Favorite Colour: Purple

First Appearance: Comic #44


Personality: Some might say its egocentric for the creator to put themselves in their own comic. Then again,some people have that weird "pride" thing... which Amber has none of. The self-proclaimed creator of DMFA (though who's to say), Amber is often called in to answer questions or provide Dues Ex Machina... or to just screw over continuity all together for the sake of funny. Extremely lazy, Amber will often use tricks or excuses in order to make her job easier. All in all, it is unknown if Amber really is God of the DMFA universe, or if she is just pretending to be and hoping no one catches on.

History: When a mommy loves a daddy... *SMACK*... ow.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Amber's appearance often reflects the real Amber's appearance when it comes to hairstyle and glasses. As for the fact Amber is always drawn really dorky looking, that is likely just the artists personal interpretation of herself.
Amber has a major dislike of centipedes... nasty nasty centipedes...
While based off the real Amber, please note that the comic version is a very extreme case. The real creator has never once wrapped herself in a sleeping bag and crawled around like a wiku-worm... really!
Never trust Amber with Hammers.

Amber's Quote: Wiku wiku wiku...

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