Name: Fi

Nicknames: none

Age: 3

Status: Owner (Daniel Ti'Fiona)

Family: Unknown

Species: Warp-Aci

Hobbies: Eating, Lounging, Mooching

Hair Colour: Hair?

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Flying about

Most known for: Avoiding becomming a Pip-crunchie

Favorite Food: Hot Pockets

Favorite Colour: Brown

First Appearance: Comic #416


Personality: Fi's personality is quirky as far as the standard warp-aci goes. While obedient to its owner, Fi will be more than happy to vocally express its displeasure at a task, or lob random insults and snarky comments. However on average Fi enjoys new things, especially new foods, and seems to get a kick out of life. Even when all that it does is loaf around a coach eating Sunchips.

History: Fi was created by Fa'Lina to be a messenger Warp-Aci, and basically act as a teleporter to accepted students so that they could get to the Succubi and Incubi Academy. However an incident with a particular gold drake during its job to retrieve Dan caused Fi to panic and attempt hiding in the portal located in a sword Dan owned. This break from the normal plane severed Fi's connection to Fa'Lina thus making Fa'Lina assume the worst. By the time Fi did return, Fa'Lina had already summoned a new warp-aci, causing Fi's original moniker as Fa'Lina clan to be null. As such, Fi has been assigned to be Dan's warp-aci and to teleport both Dan and Abel to the Academy and back when need be.

Quirks/Fun Facts: The colour and marking on Fi is based on the clan Fi represents.
Fi's shape is alterable depending on what the owner desires. Dan however likely doesn't care.
The phrase Ch-Ya! is a warp-aci slang. What it means is up to the imagination.
Fi can become weightless with just a thought.

Fi's rather vain for a warp-aci...and it severly bugs it that there is now a chunk of tail missing due to Pip.

Fi's Quote: Ch-Ya! Why does everything have to have pointy teeeth!?

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