Name: Jyrras Gianna

Nicknames: Jy, Jy-Jy, Jyro

Age: 21

Status: Inventing

Family: Daughters(?) (Deebs/Macy), Mother (Moira), Father (Seth), 6 sisters

Species: Kangaroo-rat/Kangaroo

Hobbies: Building, Inventing, Panicking

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Building things, being suprised/startled/terrified

Most known for: SCIENCE!

Favorite Food: Peaches

Favorite Colour: Blue

First Appearance: Comic #10

Jyrras by nature is rather reclusive and shy, the only exception to that would be when he is in the company of those he feels comfortable with, or if a particular subject catches his attention. A genius and an inventor, Jyrras craves almost desperately to be accepted for his accomplishments and his achievements. He rather dislikes receiving any attention outside of that...which unfortunately seems to be the thing most individuals notice about him. The youngest child of a kangaroo and kangaroo rat, he has grown up in a family where he has always been half the height of all his siblings. As such, to many he still looks as is he is half his age, a fact which aggravates him to no end. It is for that reason Jyrras wears glasses and tries to promote a nerdy scientist persona. He will often hide behind his friends, and it is likely not suprising his closest friends are also types who adore being the center of attention, where as Jyrras prefers to play wing-man in the background. Deeply loyal, Jyrras can always be counted on to help those he cares about. However Jyrras' personal feelings are often kept hidden. Be this out of a fear of rejection or just an odd paranoia, who's to say.

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