Name: Matilda Kissriss

Nicknames: Mattie, "three-eyes"

Age: 216

Status: Single

Family: Mother, Sister, Brother

Species: Mythos

Hobbies: Collecting, Fire magic, Theater

Hair Colour: ?

Eye Colour: Blue

Often Seen: Tending to her store, going to plays

Most known for: Her collecting habits

Favorite Food: Wine

Favorite Colour: Green

First Appearance: Comic #407


Personality: Matilda is very friendly and very outgoing, which is a rare trait for her particular species. She runs a small knick-knack shop that doubles as a magical homes store, which is her pride and joy. A fan of the arts, Matilda is often a big donator to local theater groups and has a full assortment of season tickets to all sorts of musicals and Broadway shows. Very straight to the point, Matilda makes no real attempt to hide her feelings or opinions. It may be the many years of watching plays, but Matilda is a highly romantic character and often seems to know the right thing to say at the right time.

History: Matilda was raised in a place called "Blue Volcano". While not a real volcano of sorts, the whole place was a land of blue-hot flames which Matilda's species are known to thrive in. After her father passed away, her older brother became head of the family and when Matilda disagreed with a few of the new rules, she was exiled from her home. The rules argued over is uncertain, but it was known Matilda was always a bit odd from her kind and was a bit soft-hearted. Leaving, Matilda wandered around before making friends with some random traders who got her into the business of merchanting. After about a hundred years of this, Matilda had enough to set up her own small store which she owns to this day. Her store is pretty well known in the creature world for having top-quality merchandises, though a rather tacky set-up.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Matilda doesn't actually need to breathe. In fact, when she inhales oxygen into her lungs, the oxygen gives her the ability to breathe fire. In order to talk, Matilda has a secondary air-pouch where air travels through to create sound
Matilda really dislikes winters and is not the most fond of rain. She tends to have a large collection of umbrellas and hardly travels in the winter.
Behind Matilda's shop is a small garden and Matilda's house is located in there via portal.
Matilda can eat normal food, but her kind prefers things with high combustion rates.
While she doesn't have thumbs on any of her 6 limbs, Matilda's tail can be used as an extra limb. She also has no nose and thus uses her tongue to smell.
It is expected Matilda's species lives for about 6,000-7,000 years or even more.

Matilda's Quote: You break it or buy it. If not I break you.

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