• Clan symbol of forehead
  • Long paper-thin tail
  • Glowing aura
  • No mouth
  • Maximum Life Span: Varies


General: The Warp-Aci gets the name from it's ability to teleport objects or living beings from one location to another. Using their paperlike tails, they are able to cut through a dimensional fabric of sorts which allows anyone within the circle to transport to wherever the Warp-Aci was commanded to go to. By average, most Warp-Aci are cute small creatures as they are a favorite familiar to girls. However since they are composed primarily of Dark shadow magic, they can actually alter their look to suit their master's desire. It is also not uncommon for them to compress their shape and colour to reflect letters or other various objects which make them wonderful in the art of spying.

Summoning forth a Warp-Aci is tricky work where the summoner must send out a beacon through a portal of dark mist into the magical realm they exist in. If the summoner is skilled or lucky enough, a curious Aci will respond and attempt to enter the dimension. Passing through the mist gives them their dark form which continues to radiate the etheral energy that actually contains their true nature. However most cases will end up negative since once an Aci leaves its realm, it is tied to the summoners dimension until the summoner dies...and in the cases of some creatures, that is a very long time.

Most races don't bother summoning Warp-Aci as they tend to be finicky creatures. However they remain loyal to their owner regardless of their methods showing it. By and large the Warp-Aci are a very curious species who enjoy's the job it does as it enables it to see the world and experience things unlike anything from its home dimension.

A Warp-Aci will almost always have the marking of its owner on their forehead. This symbol is what ties them to their owner. While most Warp-Aci automatically return to their realm upon their owner's death, some will simply become free-ranging Aci. This freedom is both exciting and terrifying and many Warp-Aci cannot handle the stress of not having an owner.

Strengths: Warp-Aci are fast, and can teleport easily. They aren't really designed for battle so much and are only really as powerful as the spell that summoned it. Most summoners are bright enough to know not to summon something with enough power to cause them trouble... most...

Weaknesses: While in this dimension, Warp-Aci are vulnerable to most normal attacks. It isn't sure what happens after one dies, but it is suspected that its ehteral form becomes trapped in the dimension until its owner dies then it is allowed to return to its home.

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Demonology 101 - Warp-Aci