• Bright Eyes
  • Beak and birdlike claws
  • Mix of feathers/fur body
  • Generally small size
  • Maximum life span: 65 years

The Gryphon (B) Race

General: The Gryphon B race is generally a smaller yet much more intelligent version of Gryphon C (the really big ones). It should be noted that the A, B, and C classifications don't actually imply anything in actual Furrae as they are all called Gryphon, it is just for this Demonology mentioning to help people tell them apart.

Most Gryphon B races are quick and witty, but lack the magical prowess of their two-legged counterparts. However since they do have such close ties to their magical relatives, they tend to get on good standing with the Creature races despite not being a member of the Creature society. Many Gryphon B love shiny coins and objects and have no regrets about working for them so it isn't uncommon for them to be found in the workforce. The most common place to find them would be a shaw service they offer to transport non-teleporting beings to various locations. Seeing as the large gryphons are prone to attacking anything non-gryphon, having a gryphon pilot often acts as one of the safest means of travel if one doesn't warp or wants to move fast.

In recent times though there has been a growing resentment among Gryphon B races of the boost in technology (especially planes) and it is rumoured that some groups of Gryphon B types will goad their larger but dumber relatives to deliberately attack planes. Despite growing tensions, most beings and creatures love gryphons. Though those who have tried to make them pets find it is more like raising a permanent teenager than anything.

History: The three Gryphon races have always lived together as far as their records go, and as such it seems their historical note is almost interlocked. For the most part Gryphons don't play any major roles in historic events since the two-legged prefer to stick to their territories and document, the large ones to theirs and tend to terrorize, and the small four-legged ones tend to simply work alongside other creatures and beings for whatever reason they choose so. However if there is one gryphon, there is usually a good guess others won't be too far behind so a Gryphon spotted anywhere tends to be an alert (the only exception would be shaw-Gryphons).

Strengths: Gryphon B races are fast, and can easily carry some of the heavier loads. Quick thinking, and with the ability to see in pitch black darkness, they are ideal to work with in many situations.

Weaknesses: Most Gryphon B races can be killed via normal means. They don't tend to have a lot of magical power to them, though some have taught themselves skills. They are also known for holding deep grudges.

Notable Figure (Gringrrl): Age 26, Gringrrl isn't that remarkable as far as general history goes, but to the Gryphon B races he is a legend. Having been given a special task of delivering a sacred tablet to some pheonix oracles, he single-handedly managed to outwit not only a series of bandits and demonic theives, but even outwit a member of the Dragon Race (though no Dragon will admit to that). Having been successful, the pheonix oracles of the temple were so delighted by his abilities they built him a grand hall high atop their temple which is only accessable to flying creatures. Inside it is rumoured to be encrusted with all manner of rare gems and gold where to this day Gringrrl is living quite happily. To many Gryphon B, he is a symbol of what can happen if a good job is done.

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Demonology 101 - Gryphon (B)