General: It should be noted that in the world of Furrae(and in DMFA in general), almost all the races are omnivorous save for a few rogue cases. As such, even what would normally be considered vegetarian species (horses, deer, mice) are capable of eating meat products. However the standards of what KIND of meat are issues still left in debates.

Along with the general population of Furrae (creatures, beings) there are numerous amounts of non-sentient animals that are mostly the equivalent of how we see dogs, cats, chickens, cows...etc etc etc. There are a few species of animals that are raised basically as livestock and food. Some are unique to Furrae, others are basically things similar to our world, in the end it isn't an important details as to which.

While most races can eat meat, there IS however a set of taboos regarding which type of animals are eaten. A canine-based race would not eat a non-sentient canine and a cow-based race would not eat non-sentient cows as it is looked up almost similar to how many cultures would look upon a person eating a chimpanzee. The rigidness of this taboo tends to flex depending on locations, however in the same breath it is easily said that the activist groups dedicated to the fair treatment of non-sentient animals have a lot more to go on.

Creature/Being Issues: The issue over what makes something dinner and what makes up a case for legal protection is an iffy case in the world of Furrae. Many arguments are often fought over a magical Creatures claiming a non-magical Being is fair game to be stalked and killed. In the world-view of the beings, any race that is able to show sentience and an ability to declare it is considered a sentient "being", where as a Creatures world-view is that where survival should go to those who show the ability and proper desire to want to live. To a Creature, if a being, a non-sentient animal, or another creature is able to survive and live, than they deserve to live. If they die, then they had no right to live.

This is further compounded by a Creatures stance that since Beings don't have magical abilities to natural defenses to properly fight back, looking upon them as equals simply based on sentience is completely silly...especially since the very Beings seem quite happy to be the masters over the non-sentient races who don't have the abilities to properly fight back against them.

This issue in the world of Furrae is probably one of the largest gap builders between the Creature-Being races as it tends to be emotionally charged and contains a varying degree of standpoints. As for the livestock...they really don't seem to care either way as long as they are fed on time.

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Demonology 101 - Livestock