• Lidless eyes
  • Large fins
  • Multiple spines/fans
  • Water-oriented magic
  • Maximum life span: unknown

The Mer Race

General: Like the Insectis race, there is not much actually known about the Mer race as the majority of the race tends to keep below in secret cities out of sight of normal means. However unlike the Insectis race, the Mer race shows a great deal more curiosity and interest in the outside world and has recently begun to come more in contact with the land-dwelling species.

Masters of the oceans, the Mer hold the concept that whatever is beneath the water belongs to them, and as a result any ship that is sunk becomes their property and any person who is foolish enough to try to adventure under the waves often finds themselves at their mercy. The Mer also seem to have a habit of kidnapping those who go swimming at the beach now and again though the Mer race denies it everytime. In order to avoid any hassle, many ships will often charter deals with the Mer race as "insurance" and very recently the Mer race has allowed some supervised visits to one of their cities though the actual trip there was shrouded in mystery.

While very little is known about the Mer race, it is known they are run via royalty. Another thing is that the Mer race have two sets of hands; the outer resembling large webbed fingers which act as fins and then a second set beneath inside which is smaller and used for gripping and fine details. The Mer's language is untranslatable, as it sounds more like strange vibrations due to the lack of air to speak. Though many Mer are able to train the vibrations to mimic other languages.

The Mer race is able to alter its form slightly in order to move about on land by taking a serpantine lower half...however they tend to avoid being on land for more than a few days without some visits back to water. An overall interesting race, there is still a lot left unknown.

History: There is little recorded history of the Mer race to the outside world. They joined the Councils only recently and seem to have a strong ally of the Insectis race. This is likely due to that they both run self-contained kingdoms that have no real basis of infringing on eachother. The Mer race seems quite happy to keep to their watery kingdom as the Insectis to their underground. The only real recorded event in normal history is an old legend of a Mer helping to save a ship carrying precious cargo that was stranded on the ocean. In exchange for her aid, she asked that the Captain promise to be hers and to live with her in her kingdom. Agreeing, the Mer created a current that quickly took the ship to a nearby harbor. Once at shore however the Captain took off inland along with his crew and the cargo never intending to keep his deal. After a week none of the crew was left alive, as each seemed to have drowned in his sleep.

Strengths: In the water, the Mer are a force to be reckoned with. Very fast, and a few have poisoned barbs, they wield water magic unmatched by any race with the possible exception of Fae.

Weaknesses: On land they are much weaker, and seem to dislike being out in the sunlight for very long.

Notable Figure (Scarlet): No one is quite sure of her age, or much about her. When the Mer race first allowed someone to visit their realm, the being was allowed to bring a film camera to document what he saw. Overnight the entire world of Furrae became entranced by the seemingly magical kingdom beneath the ocean and one notable sight was a particular Mer who allowed a tour of the palace. Later it was discovered that she was actually one of the royal children though her name was completly unpronouncable. She was nicknamed "Scarlet" topside due to her colouring and became somewhat an icon celebrity when it comes to the Mer race. That is really all that is known about her.

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