• Feathered Wings
  • Avian
  • Usually has second-form
  • Nature-oriented magic
  • Vegetarian
  • Maximum life span: 95 years

The Phoenix (B) Race

General: A more common variant from the fiery-haired phoenix, the term is often applied to the general avian race. This is most likely because the general avian race is so intermingled that it is hard to tell a magically endowed one from a non by most standard terms. However it is known that many phoenix B categories have a natural affinity for elements in nature and an ability to transform from an avian to a regular being. This ability likely also adds confusion about the race so no one is really sure how many exist as far as a race goes.

Despite their abilities for magic, most phoenix B groups are considered in the class of beings. This is also in part that they were the only race to reject membership of the Creature Council. A peaceful race, they will often find themselves on the opposing end of many a Creature's plan. It is also likely they are the closest magical allies beings have.

Regardless of the strain of other creatures, both Phoenix races get along well together and view eachother as a feathered kin. It isn't uncommon for many of the Phoenix oracle temples to be nestled alongside a Phoenix B village or city. It is also not uncommon for a phoenix B to become an adventurer since they often will hold high moral grounds over things they feel is unjust and unbalanced.

History: The history of the Phoenix B is often muddled since for a good period of time they never bothered to actually write down any recordings. Instead many of them chose to mingle among beings since their life span was similar, some never even telling their closest loved ones of their true heritage. Despite their close ties to the phoenix A groups, they seem to have very strained relationships with a lot of the other Creatures who see them as a major nuisance unknowing of what is best for them. Many a great legend has come across in history of noble warrior phoenixes and their aide in epic battles.

Strengths: Nature-based magic spells will often asist and most Phoenix B groups have a special tie towards non-sentient species. They also have an ability to polymorph themselves into a normal being species (usually a feline) so can often act as valuable spies.

Weaknesses: Changing from one form to another is very tiring and leaves many a Phoenix B weak. They also live rather short lives in comparison to other Creatures and can be killed by normal means.

Notable Figure (Baneel): Age unknown, Baneel was a powerful mage who thought of nothing more than to bring about peace to the world between races. Living amongst the phoenix oracles, she quickly rose in esteem and knowledge. Seeking many of the ancient texts that even some of the high powered oracles couldn't translate, it wasn't uncommon for her to be seen pacing hallways as she pondered and read. However as time grew on, she became more and more reclusive and began to shun even the closest of friends... instead locking herself away in her chambers for days on end. Finally, after a few weeks of not seeing her, the phoenix oracles pried open the door to her chambers only to discover no sign of her and the room in total shambles. All along the walls were strange runic symbols and what appeared to have been a highly elaborate spell unlike any other seen by the oracles who had lived far longer than Baneel ever had.

While many speculate that the spell was a summoning attempt gone wrong thus ending Baneel's life, a few other whisper of other things. No one is quite sure, but recently the oracles have been getting strange letters written in the same encrypted runes which has begun to cause them concern...

Baneel is credited to the creation of many spells, including spells that beings would be capable of despite no natural magic abilities.

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Demonology 101 - Phoenix (B)