• Beady eyes
  • Grass skirts
  • Sharp pointy teeth
  • Maximum life span: Unknown

Pygmy Shrews

General: An odd but fierce little species of creatures, Pygmy Shrews have been the bane of many foolish adventurers who have accidently wandered into them. While small, and not very strong, the sheer speed and numbers of these little guys can bring many to their knees.

Savage and ruthless, they have more or less adapted a strategy where survival is for the fittest and have abandoned civilization and magic altogether, which has oddly been a good strategy for them as many dungeons and places have little psuedo-villages of Pygmy Shrews. Since they are so odd, they seem to sometimes appear in the most random places out of the blue. Usually they will follow a leader or shaman, though they will always move in packs.

Pygmy shrews by default seem to hate outsiders, and only a few outsiders have ever been able to make friends with a tribe of Pygmy Shrews. According to the researcher who managed to befriend a tribe, in order to be accepted into the tribe one must either complete a challenge of unsurmountable pain, or defeat the tribe leader in a grass skirt hula challenge. No one has ever been able to defeat a tribe leader.

History: History never speaks much of these guys, unless in random passages or famous last words of "These guys don't look so bad..."

Strengths: Speed and sheer numbers are their advantage. Not to mention a few lace their spears with whatever they are in the mood for... poison... sleeping potion... aphrodesiacs...

Weaknesses: They aren't really all that damaging on their own and probably would be easy to crush if they weren't so blasted annoying to target.

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Demonology 101 - Pygmy Shrews