• Alternate forms (Human/default/primal)
  • Various-oriented magic
  • Increased strength/endurance
  • Average looks similar to beings
  • Maximum life span: 75-100 years

The Were Race

General: TPerhaps one of the most confusing and unknown races of creatures, the Were race is infamous for having three alternate forms: the standard default form similar to a being, a human form, and an animal form. A Were is able to shift between each form at their leisure though many rumours fly around about full moons. However little is known about the Were race since they are often the most difficult to detect. The Were race is also the race most likely to be intermingled with beings as many a Were prefers to keep their creature heritage a secret.

Most non-hiding Weres are often aggressive and territorial, sticking to large clans and usually forming tribal groups hidden away from normal societies. Being a Were is a genetic trait, and being bitten by a Were will more likely result in stitches than anything, much less 'turning into one'. It is suspected Weres started the myth in order to keep nosy groups away from their personal space.

A Were is often a highly decent spellcaster although their magic is less controlled than the other races. However in their primal form (ie: full animal) they seem to be highly potent and are able to command a dazzling array of spells that wouldn't be possible in their natural form. In inverse, their human form seems to be the negation of magic to the point that all magic cast upon a were in their human form becomes null. This makes the Were race highly dangerous since they have the ability to be immune to both the magical skills of even the Fae, and then quickly come back with a powerful arsenal of spells themselves. It makes it all-together worse that Weres prefer to hide amongst beings and many a Creature race made the mistake of attacking a crowd that contained a highly irritable and territorial Were.

Because of their skills, most other races of Creatures are wary or even a few despise the Were...which might be why many prefer to keep their true selves hidden.

History: The Were race is nearly devoid of most historic events, most likely due to their decision to remain in the background or among beings. Any real historic events were caused from a Creature mistaking a Were for a being. To this date there isn't even a Were on the Creature-Being council.

Strengths: In human form, a Were is immune to magic and any spells would simply dissapate around them. In normal form they usually have heightened senses that set them apart from regular beings as well as good spell control. In primal form they gain traits similar to their animal (thus a rabbit-Were would be very small and hard to hit as is) plus an increased ability in magic.

Weaknesses: While immune to magic in human form, this also counts for healing magics and does not count the area around affected by magic. (As such, a magical ice spell can leave a Were unharmed, yet freeze the ground nearby with normal ice after a few minutes). Most Weres are generally being-like in their defenses thus can be killed by any standard means.

Notable Figure (Hahwru): Age 37, Hahwru is the leader of an all-Were amazon tribe. Not really notable per se other than it is one of the few known groups of Were since most prefer to stay hidden from known records.

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