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Ambaaargh is attending MFF this weekend. If you're going, come say hi! (Details Below)

So part of the reason I've been a bit ragged this month is due to circumstances coming about I am attending a convention in the Chicago area this upcoming weekend. I'll actually be sharing a table with ID who manages the Katbox site and together we will be shilling wares in the hopes folks will buy them and allow us to eat. This will be my first MFF, and I'm not really sure what to expect, it should be an adventure needless to say. If you are going, you should definitely stop in. We're in a room off from the main setup (there's a little map above to indicate our hidden lair!) so please come visit us. I am truth be not 100% sure if I will be doing commissions there, it will likely be dependant on how I feel because I am notorious for getting sick at cons. And really I would rather not work myself completely ragged and get sick upon rturning home.

That said! For the folks who arent attending the con, the comic should for the most part update without me. The reason for half the raggedness has been I was trying to work on updates to go up while I was away. My husbean will be hopefully managing the updates on this site while Katbox version will be auto-updating. Right now I'm just trying to get them finished fully before traveling out. The absolute worst case is they'll be base shaded and I'll shade them properly when I get home. I am hopeful I can at least get Friday's update done proper though. We shall see. In either event, there shall be updates of some sort while I'm away!

I hope everyone had a good weekend, I hope everyone had a good month. And I hope to see folks at MFF, or for folks to have a good week while I'm out and about. Peace!

Aaaand because I keep forgetting to make a to the Katbox version of the site. We're still working on's just that fun behind the scenes stuff working on stuff. Good times.

- Ambaaargh

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