It's been a wild hecking month let me tell you.

So! It's been a while hasn't it! I'm not quite dead yet but all great plans of Mice and Mebs seem to have hit some speedbumps.

One was some technical issues with the scanner that was down here. Another was completely underestimating how even though its the same program, my brothers copy of Photoshop is waaaay more up to date than mine which means several things are way off and slowing me down.

The third and most important thing though is I've been working on getting after all this time, a fully new and ideally improved website setup done which will hopefully last DMFA the rest of it's comic run.

If folks want to see the barest of bones, you can check it out HERE and watch as the final touches get added this weekend.

The banner current up is a placeholder, the new one is going to be much smaller. And overall the goal is to make this sucker pretty mobile friendly. Though the biggest beast right now is the cast pages. I need to redo about all of them and for the feature that lets folks reference comics by means I need to make little icons and smoll bio for every character.

What is likely going to happen is I'm going to spend the last bit of time re-doing the main ones that are currently in the cast pages and then adding the rest as I putter along.

But! Things are finally settling and I'm confident that short of absolute disaster that DMFA will be back on Monday. And the sites domain will be moving over as well in the very near-soon.

So if the site goes down sometime this weekend, it will be for a couple hours due to the domain switch. Though...I guess writing it here doesn't make much sense since if the site is down you won't be able to get the idea.

But yes! I'm alive! The comic is not dead! Things are hustling and bustling even though right now it feels very still in the water! And I'll see you all Monday with the next page so we can get this hecking storyline going!

- Ambaaargh

Originally inspired by Furcadia, DMFA updates Monday and Friday.