Fool me once and only.

At this stage I'm not even sure what is with life other than it turning into a one day at a time, one update at a time, one foot in front of the other kinda situation. I can't deny with all that is happening, my mentals are not exactly doing the best to go with the physicals. So I'm just taking it one tiny bean step at a time. Gonna keep on keeping on with updates as I go. Even if I'm not where I'd like to be...doesn't mean I should give up now.

I was midway through shading when my stomach reminded me I am not out of the woods yet. So I need to lay down because sitting upright makes the tummy oogy. I'll finish shading one I waken. Heck, this may be a good time to finally also shade that one comic in the archives I KEEP FORGETTING TO SHADE AFTER A HECKTILLION YEARS.

- Ambaaargh

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