She is actually a few hundreds years old.

Shaded is up!

Sorry for the partial shade. The whole sleep schedule switch has been a bit brutal, especially on the whole angle regarding getting used to working on a new schedule. Suddenly getting stupidly tired at midnight versus that being the time when you are in your primary stride is very surreal.

Either way, the last panel should get shaded in less than 12 hours from now. I just need to get some sleep cause I got to avoid the dreaded "sleep creep" where I keep pushing my schedule back and back until I am up till 6AM. All in all, this week should be a good one. Working on the revamped Wildy wallpaper, writing up the taco review, working on comics, trying to embrace healthier living and normal sleep routines. Its been madness.

Aaaand because I keep forgetting to make a to the Katbox version of the site. We're still working on's just that fun behind the scenes stuff working on stuff. Good times.

- Ambaaargh

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