BRB. Buying more paper.

Truth be told I think my rabbit Kettle has eaten more comics than I have at this point in time.

I hope everyone is doing well! Going to keep it short, this weekend marks my husbean and my 10th year being married. Some of you old-time readers may even still remember way back when the escapades of the border crossing stresses and immigration hurdles but yep! We are all old folks and I have now been married for 10 years to an amazing guy. Its kind of nuts, particularly how it really doesnt feel like that much time has passed.

So woot woot, I am gonna skitter off and enjoy this weekend. See you all Monday!

Aaaand because I keep forgetting to make a to the Katbox version of the site. We're still working on's just that fun behind the scenes stuff working on stuff. Good times.

- Ambaaargh

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