Updates will resume Monday.

There is a great deal I want to say, plan to say, and will say in the future...but not right now. Right now I am channeling my energy and perhaps even some of my despairs into some charity projects this weekend. I cannot attend protests myself, so right now I want to do what I can do help where I can.

And yes that means using my platform here. I don't intend to change DMFA's storyline, but this is a twofold message really. One is to give people who wish to help some links and resources right here! Like https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ to find networks and petitions to sign! Or Secure Act Blue which allows you to make a donation that can then be split into multiple bail funds to help out!

But the other reason is quite simply, I don't want to be quiet. I want every single person right now to know exactly where I stand and that if they do not like it they can depart. Plain and simple. I wish you no ill will, on the opposite really. But if "Black people deserve to have the same trust that we have in the police and a right to peacefully protest without being lumped in with looters by both the police and press in an attempt to villainize protesters and reduce sympathy" is a concept you need to debate on...I got better things to do than be your debate partner on that.

DMFA's updates return Monday. Stay safe. Stay loving.

- Ambaaargh

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