And then the hammer falls.

Happy international talk like a pirate day!

For those who are not in the know, thats a holiday sort of thing that is September 19 and is probably one of my favorite holidays. Because it is the day my friends and I dress up like pirates and eat out at Red Lobster. In a way its sort of become the fall holiday I love doing the most because its a fun time to spend with friends being silly. I fully encourage anyone else to don some pirate garb and go forth to a place of whatever nature you feel is piratey enough and spread the good yarr.

Once I finish gorging upon endless shrimp and crab legs, I will likely be able to roll back home in time for the next update on Monday. Maybe. I mean...endless shrimp!

Aaaand because I keep forgetting to make a to the Katbox version of the site. We're still working on's just that fun behind the scenes stuff working on stuff. Good times.

- Ambaaargh

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