• Insectlike wings/varied
  • Antenni
  • Gem on forehead(varied)
  • Multiple-oriented magic
  • Bright colours/markings
  • Maximum life span: unknown... a really long time

The Fae Race

General: When it comes to magic, the Fae come in on top. Of all the races in Furrae, it seems the Fae are most in touch with the forces and as such wield its power a lot more. Due to magic's instability, this often ends up with the fae being a very diverse and often "eccentric" race. This also tends to account for the various bright colours a Fae will often have.

Despite being one of the oldest races, the Fae tend to be very good at keeping what they know a secret. The actual kingdom the Fae preside in seems to be on another plane of exhistance itself which makes travel to it impossible to any non-Fae. It is known that there is a monarchy involved, but from what has been gathered, the monarchy is more a figurehead and whimsy than any serious attempt at government.

The Fae are able to shift their appearance quite easily and one can often tell a Fae's mood based on their wings and antenna. Most don't try to press a Fae's mood though as angry Fae tend to equal large chunks of land exploding. Somewhat chaotic and some would even say a bit crazy, the Fae go about doing things based on their own whimsy. One thing of note is that many Fae(likely due to the fact they live so long) will often play roles and take on a story as if in a theatre play. Choosing a life of adventurer, lover, savage, they will set themselves into certain guidlines and limits to play out according to their chosen field. Whatever the role and limits are, the Fae sets themselves to that guide very strictly, so far as even allowing themselves to be "killed" for the sake of the great theatre. It does seem though that death on the plane of Furrae is only temporary as there have been many Fae who supposedly died but later return only to start a new role on a new stage...

No one is quite sure why the Fae do what they do, as they seem to be quite capable of wielding a great deal of power(much to the frustration of the other races). For whatever reason, the Fae are what they are.

History: The Fae have more or less been a background in history, preferring to offer aid at the strangest times and places. It was because of them that the great Pheonix Temple in the desert exists as the Fae were the ones to create a magical fountain there providing limitless water. It was also the Fae's doing that for 200 years dandelions could grow on concrete. History seems full of things that happen because a Fae felt like it...

Strengths: If it's magic, the Fae got a handle on it. No one has ever actively fought a Fae long enough to gauge any strength/weakness.

Weaknesses: It seems all weaknesses will be intentional and as such will vary.

Notable Figure (Albanion): Age unknown, Albanion is one of the few Fae who seems to play an active part in the world of Furrae. A spokesperson for Peace, he has been one of the more active voices in trying to build bridges between the Creature and Beings race and it is likely due to him that the Beings/Creature Council hasn't fallen apart yet. It is unknown if this is simply him playing a role, as there is a ancient tablet describing an Albanion way back in ancient times who caused the destruction of an entire race of Mythos over who invented the yo-yo...

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Demonology 101 - Fae