Name: Fa'Lina


Age: 9,288

Status: SAIA

Family: Adopted Kin (Abel, Pyroduck)

Species: Canine Succubus

Hobbies: Unknown

Hair Colour: Pink

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: Overseeing the goings on of SAIA

Most known for: Being the headmaster of SAIA.

Favorite Food: Unknown

Favorite Colour: Pink

First Appearance: Comic #424


Personality: Fa'Lina's personality is often hard to properly describe as it will change depending on those she is around. To some, she is a creature of pure compassion and others she is devious and a creature of malice. In any respect, Fa'Lina always seems to know the best way to motivate anyone she encounters. However, what she is motivating them for has often been left open for speculation. Regardless, Fa'Lina is a succubi that exudes power and authority and has no qualms about making both things well known to anyone who treads SAIA grounds. Those who study at the Academy are quick to learn that Fa'Lina isn't simply a powerful Cubi, she is almost a force all unto herself.

History: It was well-known Fa'Lina was the founder of a clan thousands of years back. It is also known that Fa'Lina's clan was one of the many that was nearly wiped out during the Cubi-Dragon war. As a clan founder, Fa'Lina was no longer able to have children of her own...and with the destruction of all her clan members, many assumed that when Fa'Lina disapeered it was due to suicide out of grief. However Fa'Lina returned along with a promise of a sanctuary for Cubi from the ongoing war. A place in which Cubi could be nurtered and protected as well as learn skills in which to survive in an increasingly hostile world. Almost all remaining clans agreed to the proposal, be it out of desparation or that they saw this as a potential boon to their own clans. Thousands of years later, long after the war had ended, SAIA is now considered the place where all clans send their children by default. Most view Fa'Lina's action to start the Academy a way for her to have a faux clan to channel her energy into. The fact that the Cubi who attend SAIA do seem more powerful and successful than the non-attending counterparts only back up this theory.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Despite being a founder, Fa'Lina never seems to show her third wings in public.
Several fashion trends in SAIA have been started due to Cubi trying to emulate Fa'Lina's style.
Fa'Lina seems to have the ability to know everything that goes on in the Academy. This can also affect those who leave the Academy, but only for a short window of time.
It's been said Fa'Lina has the ability to be in more than one place at the same time.
Fa'Lina has a near insane love for children and infants. Despite that, there is a ban from having or raising children at the Academy.
No one knows what emotional affinity Fa'Lina has. And since Fa'Lina gives off no emotions herself, most Cubi find her incredibly discomforting to be around.

Fa'Lina's Quote: "The fact you are breathing means that I still hope something intelligent will come from your lips. Please don't dissapoint me with your next sentence."

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