Name: Pyroduck

Nicknames: Ducky, Pyro, "How did you get here?!"

Age: Unknown

Status:Dating Alexsi


Species: Dragon

Hobbies: Writing, Observation, Traveling

Hair Colour: Dark Green

Eye Colour: Gold

Often Seen: Making 4th wall comments

Most known for: Being there at the right place at the right time.

Favorite Food: Pastas

Favorite Colour: Blues and Greens

First Appearance: Comic #70


Personality: No one really knows much about Pyroduck, and Pyroduck tends not to tell much about him. Pyroduck does have a general good sense of humor and loves to sit back and comment on things, however his personality and sense of timing often keeps him from being labeled the straight man. Often-times Pyroduck is seen writing in a series of journals and when asked he claims to be documenting. For what purpose is unknown also though. Easy-going, Pyroduck is often the one to go to when a third non-biased opinion is needed. However, despite him living at Lost Lake, he is often off in the countryside so finding him when you need him is another matter. On the other hand, Pyroduck always seems to never have any problem dropping in with a quick comment at just the right moment.

History: No one really knows. Dan and Mab ran across him on the way to Twink Territories and since then Pyroduck has been living in Dan's former room at Lost Lake.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Pyroduck is really good at gambling. Never bet against him on a race.
Pyroduck's tail is quite sharp when he wants it to be.
The spikes on Pyroduck's wings are retractable.
The gold band on Pyroduck's tail is his most prized possession. He never removes it.
Pyroduck is fluent in all the languages of Furrae. Which usually means he can mock a person in 38 different tongues.

Pyroduck's Quote: Yeah. That's a great idea. I'm just going to step over... here...

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