Name: Fluffy D. Funni

Nicknames: Fluffy, Fluffster

Age: 7

Status: With Amber

Family: None

Species: Dog (?)

Hobbies: Reading, Games, Baseball/Softball

Hair Colour: Er... Grey?

Eye Colour: Black

Often Seen: Beating sense into Amber

Most known for: Beating Amber in general

Favorite Food: Unknown

Favorite Colour: White

First Appearance: Comic #126


Personality: Behind every great person is usually another person telling them what idiots they are. And that person... er... thing is Fluffy. The more practical of the two, Fluffy often acts as the voice of reason or at least the voice of intelligence. It is often Fluffy's task to keep Amber from doing something really stupid or being too lazy. Sarcastic, cynical, and sometimes very blunt, Fluffy will hold no punches when it comes to saying how it is. It is unknown what lies underneath, both in personality and in physical traits. In fact, there is often a long running speculation over the gender of Fluffy. Asking often only ends up with lots bite-marks.

History: Back in 6th grade, Amber originally started a comic called "Fluffy Funnies" and like all great 6th grade comics, it sucked badly. But the character itself, Fluffy, soon made a comeback as a sidekick since Amber needed to find one who would not be based off a real life person or as something that would cause copyright infringement. Since then, Fluffy has been acting as Amber's second in command.

Quirks/Fun Facts: Fluffy has the ability to walk on hind legs or four legs, though its more common to see the hind-leg variation.
Fluffy's age is based on DMFA's age itself.
Fluffy is based off the dog breed Havanese.

Fluffy's Quote: Beep beep. The stupid bus is here for you Amber.

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