• Feather-based wings
  • Bright coloured markings
  • Light-oriented magic
  • Heightened speed/senses
  • Omnivorous with a lean towards carnivorous
  • Maximum life span: 1500 years

The Angel Race

General: While not as actively rampaging the countryside as their demonic cousins, a fair deal of trouble has been caused at the hands of the angel race. This is primarily due to the angel-races tactics: where a demon would go in themselves and burn a city to the ground, an angel would manipulate it so that someone else would do the work for them. It should be noted that the "angel" term is primarily aesthetic. With feathered wings and light-based magic, the angel race is a master of convincing other races of their good intentions. However deep beneath the lovely exterier often lies the mind that can rival even the most devious of the demon-race.

The angel race's entire mantra seems to focus on power. Some will choose the path of knowledge and can often be seen as the protectors of large libraries, where others may become a guardian of a village where the villagers offer them tribune for their service. There have been many cases of kindly angels but usually temptations are too strong a force and most angels cannot resist an offer of an item of great power or a scheme involving a gain of some sort.

There are no known cities belonging to the angel-race and by nature the entire race seems to be highly solitary unless a certain cause brings them together. Angels of a feather seem to not flock together as they are highly competitive and constantly try to get the upper hand of the other, causing massive fights.

History: The angel race first appeared around the same time as the demon race, and it is almost rumoured that they were caused from a similar event and are merely the two magical representations of light and darkness. When the first council was created, it was an angel-race who was behind most of the diplomacy and acting between races that would often be at edge with eachother. Most well-known historic figures in the angel race had something to do with diplomatic means despite the many tragic events that have unfolded at the hands of a craftier angel. Some speculate this is due to future generations of angels removing the evidence of the previous incidents from general history in order to further gain their own glory.

Strengths: Angels are generally much faster in both reflexes and thinking than many other races. Many are also capable of making their skin razor sharp and hard. With the aid of light-magic, many of them are the master of some highly powerful spells.

Weaknesses: As mentioned, most Angels cannot resist the lure of power and will often offer aid in exchange for items of power. The angel race is often harder to find weak-points as they tend to work in the background of their schemes and simply disapeer when things go wrong.

Notable Figure (Akaen): Age 612, Akaen is the current angel-representative of the Beings/Creature council and possibly one of the nicest members of the council(or at least appears to be). Charismatic, curious, and containing a sharp wit, he often ends up acting as the one to smooth out the worst wrinkles in arguments between races. It is also known he is one of the largest investors in many of the technologies beings have been making. One could almost say a good deal of the industrial age in Furrae was thanks to Akaen's support.

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