• Bat-based wings
  • Horns
  • Dark coloured markings
  • Dark-oriented magic
  • Heightened speed/senses
  • Maximum life span: 1500 years

The Demon Race

General: The demon race is probably one of the more commonly known of the creature races. Most likely this is due to their tendancy towards showing off and causing great amounts of trouble. Unlike their angelic cousins, the demon race is often up front and to the point, and prefer to go in and handle things themselves (usually violent) than enact any form of diplomacy. The wings of a demon will usually be batlike or leathery, and it isnt uncommon for them to have horns and claws. And while there are plenty of cases of good-natured demons, by and large the race isn't that afraid to use them whenever the chance arises.

Like their light-magic counterparts, Demons seem to go by a rule of power. However their power seems to derive more from chaotic forces and so it isn't uncommon for many demons to go about doing it in the easiest way necessary. While most of the creature races get along well with eachother, arguments and battles over a rogue demon intruding on another creatures area and messing it up isn't uncommon.

There are no known cities of the demon race, though small clans and communities seem to exist. Most demons seem to share a sense of family and will often band together for long periods of time. Even afterwards demons seem to share a lot more close ties to their kin.

History: The demon race first appeared around the same time as the angel race, and it is almost rumoured that they were caused from a similar event and are merely the two magical representations of light and darkness. While the history books have many cases of demon's influencing history (often in a very bad way), it is also said that it was the demon race who was one of the prime supporters of a Creature/Being council. As a side mention, many of the greatest spies and assissins in Furrae's history are attributed to the demon race. Whatever their motives may be, the demon race does what they do well.

Strengths: Most demons have lightning fast reflexes and the ability to turn their skin razor sharp and diamond hard. They also seem to have an almost unlimited supply of endurance to aid them in whatever they hope to achieve. The masters of dark magic, it isn't uncommon for them to seem to almost disapeer into the shadows.

Weaknesses: As a demon grows older, it gets a lot harder to kill. Some even wonder how demons die in general since near the end of their lives they often seem indestructable by normal means. However fast and strong they may be though, most demons can be killed by various means if their opponent is clever or strong enough. Because of this, most demons don't have a real notion of revenge or vengeance if one of their own kind is slain. After all, by their own belief system, if someone is able to defeat them, that other creature or being is obviously worthy.

Notable Figure (Nicky): Age 56,720, Nicky is by far the oldest demon in the demon-race. One of a demons goal is often to achieve immortality or extended life. Most demons are easily able to add a few thousand years to their lives. However Nicky, by fate or by accident, managed to come across some force so powerful that she has been able to retain the same youthful appearance without any signs of change for well over the average years. Unfortunately as a side effect, she has also lost her ability to retain the wisdom that would come with age and thus A) Has no rememberance or knowledge of how she came into this power and B) loses all memories older than 100 years. This can be seen as a blessing or a curse given the point of view.

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