• Little orange wings
  • Green Glowing antenni
  • Complete magic/physical/mental immunity
  • Maximum life span: Unknown


General: They're cute, they're cuddly, and in some cases, they are highly feared little fluff-balls. Many a being or creature has tried to make a mow a pet only to find it eating them out of house and home... literally. Mows seem to digest only non-living materials such as furniture and clothing. The only exception to this rule is the Undead race... who while non-living, seem safe from turning into a mow-munchie.

There is no known number of how many mows exist currently. Some estimate a few hundred, while others estimate a few thousand. Studies have shown no real gender to them so it is assumed that the mows are unable to breed and thus were a created species. Mows tend to travel in large packs with no particular destination in mind. With an average IQ of about 3, the most thinking a mow does is seeing something and deciding if it should eat it or "hug" it. A mow hug is basically them latching onto an object or person and buzzing rapidly with their wings, giving off a feeling somewhat similar to ones foot falling asleep. This strange tendancy to hug things is unknown as is most mow-related things.

History: One of the reasons not much is known about mows is that they only very recently appeared in Furrae. It is suspected that they were a created species but as of such, no one has stepped forward to take responsibility...which is probably a wise thing since there are strict rules regarding life-creating. While not really making it into the history books, they have recently become a popular subject in children's books as well as stuffed mow-dolls have been a growing trend among the younger generations.

Strengths: Perhaps the most baffling thing about mows is their apparent indestructable nature. Immune to magic spells, immune to physical attacks(in one demonstration a creature tried to crush one under a press only to have it bounce back to normal once the pressure was released), and too mentally inept to be phased by a mental attack, it seems mows are quite unstoppable.

Weaknesses: While indestructable, a mow is basically inable to do any damage itself...unless one counts the retail damage of a mow eating an expensive handbag. The worst they can do is their hug, and even that is unlikely to cause any harm.

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Demonology 101 - Mows