• Missing and/or Damaged limbs
  • Glowing eyes
  • Dark-oriented magic
  • Maximum life span: Unknown

The Undead Race

General: One of the newest races to be accepted as a race, the Undead race has a lot of issues to work out. Probably the most avoided of all the races, it really is somewhat a shame as the Undead race is probably the nicest and most accepting race of creatures. This likely stems from the fact almost all the Undead were once living beings in some form and as such feel a slight tie to their non-magical kin.

The Undead do not need to eat, sleep, drink, or even breath. The magical forces that keep them animate have more or less put their entire internal structures in a form of stasis. The only exception is their brain which is needs to be in tact to function. While unable to reproduce normally, the Undead can gain more members to their race simply by infecting another race via a lethal bite. Simply being scratched or bitten by an Undead won't kill a person, if the person dies within 24 hours of the injury they will soon rise up as an undead themselves. Perhaps this is why the Undead race face a good deal of prejudice and persecution as many people fear that the simplest of touches from an Undead could cause them to become one of them.

It should be noted that the main reason the Undead don't eat is that all food tastes like nothing to them...with the only exception being living flesh. However the concept of eating a living being is often so repulsive to many undead that some commit re-suicide. This fact along with others only adds to the general creepiness of the race. The Undead have recently gathered and formed an island city called Trik'na Island, where many Undead often leave to avoid an untimely demise at adventurers. Without needing to eat or sleep, the city is actually quite prosperous and welcome to visitors though very few ever go out of fear/dislike.

History: The Undead race is the most well-known case of species creation when a powerful Demon decided to use a spell to cause the very dead of the planet to rise and form into an unstoppable army. However he made a major oversight in that while the dead did rise up, they still retained all memories and personalities of their former lives thus many had no real desire to become a grunt in an army against their living friends. However many beings were very uncomfortable with the concept of their dead relatives and friends coming back and so the majority of Undead left their homeland in search of a place to call home. However there are a few Undead who still make their home and have somewhat reclaimed their old "lives".

Another important event was when a cult of Undead grouped together and went about in an attempt to convert the countryside. This shortlived but infamous event still lurks on the minds of many beings and only helped to further wedge a gap between the races.

The Undead is the second of the Creature races to be accepted into the Creature council instead of joining when it started.

Strengths: The Undead have no need to eat, breathe, sleep, and have almost an unending supply of endurance. They are also able to fully function even if missing a limb or three. Since they are a new race, only existing for a couple hundred years, no one is sure how long an individual will last. However once undead, the process of decay seems to halt in 98% of the cases, so it is likely they could live as long as many of the other Creature races.

Weaknesses: The Undead feel no pain, and in some cases feel nothing at all. This can seem like a bonus, but it is quite frustrating to lose a hand and not even know it is missing. While now capable of magic, the Undead are highly prone to redying like any other being if their head is properly damaged.

Notable Figure (Rachel-Rebecca the Third): Age 60 (Alive 26, Dead 34), Rachel was attending law school and had a promising future of being a top lawyer...when she sadly became the victim of a terrible and horrendous murder. Left abandoned in a field, it was to her suprise that she arose back up due to the spell. Thanks to her quick thinking, she was able to enlist the aide of her friend and classmate Moira Den to become the first being to successfully win a case over her own murder. Rachel then went on to form the legal workings needed to acknowledge the Undead race as an actual race. It is also her doing to put a severe ruling against any future attempts of species creation.

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