• Multiple wings
  • Clan marking somewhere on body
  • Dark coloured markings
  • Various-oriented magic
  • Highly morphable wings/appearances
  • Maximum life span: 1000 years

The Cubi Race

General: The Cubi race seems to fall into a strange sideline between the Angel and the Demon race...so much that it is often a joke that the Cubi race was created because the Angel and Demon race got along "too" well. Whatever the case may be, the Cubi are both highly skilled in light and dark magic and their wings will come in a variety of styles. Though perhaps the most unique feature of this race is that they have a second set of wings atop their head. It is unsure if they are simply decoration or actually do anything(no Cubi would dare let them get cut off alive), though they manifest around the same time a Cubi comes into power. There is also rumours that upon reaching a particular level of power, a Cubi gains a third set of wings. This is currently in debates though among Creatures as if any do exist, they tend to keep well-hidden.

Unlike many of the other races, Cubi do no need to eat to gain energy. In fact their primary method of gaining power and energy is by either harnessing the emotions of beings and creatures around them, entering their dreams and harnessing energy that way, or just out and out stealing the soul out of some hapless beings body. And while many Cubi are content to live lives peacefully simply absorbing energy, quite a few Cubi will gladly go for the power boost that requires a bit of cruelty but gets more results a lot faster.

In a sense the Cubi are what they eat, as they are very emotional creatures. They also seem to have a soft spot for the finer things in life so seeing a cubi Actor or a Cubi working for a powerful rich Lord isn't uncommon. Much like their demonic cousins, Cubis seem intent on gaining power as it not only increases their lifespan and allows them special abilities, it is a prime focus of their clans goals. All cubis belong to particular clans, and their symbol appears soon after the Cubi begins to use magic. It is the one marking a Cubi can't alter thus a good way to spot a cubi would be to find their marking.

History: Despite their ability to outlive many other creatures, the Cubi race is relatively young. Their first notable appearance was around the time Beings began developing civilizations so many Creatures assume the Cubi are a somewhat biproduct of this. Regardless, many Cubi have been the inspirational muses to some great achievement...though many more Cubi have been the result of some very nasty events.

Strengths: Cubi are the masters of altering their physical appearance, and their wings can often sprout tendrils (a good note would be that certain clans have particular tendril styles as well as a marking). They are masters of emotional manipulation and can often read minds. They are strongest when in the dreams of others and even outside show a good amount of skills.

Weaknesses: Cubi tend to be highly inexperienced at battles and highly egotistical... thus often leading them to underestimate their opponents. They also tend to have short attention spans. Most Cubi can die from normal means unless they are a certain power level.

Notable Figure (Fa'Lina): Age 9,288, Fa'Lina is the head-mistress of the Succubus and Incubus Academy (SAIA for short). Before her time, most Cubi were taught simply by their clans teachers and were often sent out into the world with not nearly the experience or time to survive the growing number of adventurers. Before the Academy, most Cubi were quite crude in their methods as many of the demon race. Fa'Lina, sensing how their entire race was beginning to be threatened, banded together some of the most intelligent and renowned Cubi teachers she could find, and she formed the first and only Cubi school which has to this day remained safe and hidden from all other races.

SAIA is generally the only place where the various clans(some of which have long-standing grudges) will gather on neutral terms in the pursuit of education. Employing various classes and cultures, the Cubi race evolved rapidly from a dangerous threat to dreams and beings...to an even greater threat to dreams and beings. But at least its an attractive cultured well-dressed threat.

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