• Usually large sized
  • Scales with horns and/or hair
  • Various Colours
  • Various Magic, often breath weaponed
  • impenetrable hides
  • Maximum life span: Unknown...really long time

The Dragon Race

General: The dragon race is likely one of the oldest and most powerful races in the land of Furrae (The only thing making it an unsure victory being that the Fae aren't so forthcoming with their race history). A single dragon has been known to have the lifespan ten times that of a demon or an angel, and many a dragon has seen the rise and fall of civilizations in their lifetime. Dragons are often diverse in various shapes and sizes, and quite a few have the ability to alter their form to become the size of a regular being or creature. Perhaps it is due to their long lives that many of the dragon race prefer to shy away from the other races and society and instead stick to their own secret groups and organizations.

Or perhaps it is because most dragons and other races don't get along very well. Dragons are powerful, smart, and unfortunately in most cases, very aware of that fact. Because of this, many dragons have a very look-down (no pun intended) opinion of other races. Those that even bother to associate with other races are usually doing it for their own benefit and it isn't uncommon to hear of how a dragon double-crossed a powerful demon or cubi in order to further its own means. It really falls down to a dragon to dragon basis however as some dragons are more than friendly...albeit prone to accidently landing on the wrong things or places...while others have their names in the history books for terrible deeds.

Dragons are for the most part solitary creatures. Any families or groups seem very adept at hiding themselves. It has been rumoured that the dragons, upon hearing of the Fae's kingdom, worked together in order to create their own special magic kingdom. If it is true or not, no dragon will say.

History: As far as any race can remember, there have been dragons. For the most part dragons have been happy to be left to their own devices and not interfere much with the goings on of those around them. However with the rise of other races and their technology, a good deal of dragons have been getting involved in the world affairs. If this is because they feel it is their duty as "guardians of the planet" or because they feel they are "keeping the herd in check"... it really depends on which dragon one asks.

Strengths: Dragons have quite a few strengths. Powerful magic plus the ancient knowledge of how to wield it combined with their own bodies natural defense... a dragon could easily take on an army of beings and even a few creature forces if it so chose. Oddly enough, the most often they get into fights are due to the giant gryphons as the gryphon is too territorial and the dragon is too proud to back down.

Weaknesses: As far as physical weaknesses go, dragons have none. However due to their egos, most of them have a weakness against games and riddles. Also most dragons due to their age get eccentricities about collecting (or hoarding) certain items. If someone has an object a dragon desires, they almost always have a distinct advantage.

Notable Figure (Balorie: pronounced Bay-Lore-Rye): Age 57,822, Balorie is considered a very young dragon. Most dragons spend a good bunch of years/centuries/eons trying to earn status, power, knowledge, objects, and respect...a process that is usually long and boring as is. Balorie however decided to side step the process and go a completely different route by creating the first recorded Dragon-creature truce in history. Thanks to Balorie, many Creatures and Beings were able to learn some of the mystic secrets that dragons have been privy to for eons. While this made Balorie unpopular with other dragons, they soon found her invaluable as she was able to gather information and objects in return that a dragon using a conventional method would have missed. Soon after many more dragons broke off and started to work with beings and other creatures. As for Balorie herself, she has long since disapeared... likely living off the wealth she earned on a sunny beach.

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